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Automatic link between data and design.

In the present age the way of communication is changing. Sales trips and local meetups are reduced, and the end customer requires even more targeted information than before. Information must be available independent of time and place. The existing is increasingly being questioned. Customers want individually customized solutions.

But how can the multitude of individual possibilities be made accessible to the end customer without overburdening him?
This is where the service portfolio of Automatic Design comes in.

The service portfolio of Automatic Design

matiCon® product configurator | Makes sales flexible and uncomplicated.

With our product configurator matiCon® we offer a tool to make the multitude of possible product combinations accessible online. The products are displayed visually in each configurator step, can be selected and compared and finally requested.
matiCon® is easy to maintain despite the complexity of the products behind it.


What else do we do?

  • CAD renderings and design automation | Photorealistic renderings with millions of variants.
  • Catalog automation and creation | About Adobe InDesign.
  • Workflow support | Streamline workflows and develop intelligent connections between data and design.
  • ERP Integration | Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central.


The future you can touch.

Automatic Design is a dedicated partner to its customers. Through close dialogue, we are familiar with problems and challenges and develop market-driven solutions.

Continuous updated, ever more realistic illustrations, optimized text fields, more options and flexiblilty - these are the demands that Automatic Design has set itself sonce 2012 and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Portfolio

matiCon® | Product configurator

The universal online configurator providing a visual representation of the product variety.

matiCat® | Catalog generation

Automatic Design develops intelligent solutions for the automated creation of online and print documents.

Workflow support

With our experience, we quickly find ways to optimize and thus save you time and money.