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matiCat® - Within two steps to your document.

Connect your data with your design with matiCat® catalog software - it's easy.
Create catalog lists from your products in your existing data capture tools. In the second step, import this data into Adobe InDesign and let it flow into the selected templates.

Individual price lists, brochures, entire booklets or catalogs - created quickly, flexibly and individually!

Databased Publishing.


matiCat® – Merge the design of your choice with your data easily and intuitively.

A) Catalog lists for your product data

Create a catalog list for your new print project with the matiCat® catalog software. Then assign a stored InDesign template to this list.

Each template has a structure that can be filled with your own product data. For individual information, the template contains, for example, placeholders for headlines, texts and title images

Afterwards, an export prepares all data for further processing in Adobe InDesign.


B) Your product data in processing

The matiCat® catalog software is available as an extension for Adobe InDesign. Once imported, all data you have created is available here. With one click, defined titles, an index and all product pages are filled with content

We are happy to support you in the creation of the InDesign template for optimal automation. Contact us!

Voilà! Your product data in the desired design.

You can then initiate the final output, as a printable PDF for example, or optimise it for on-screen viewing. This way you are up to date in terms of content and appearance and well equipped for an impressive external presentation of your company.


We are your partner in design automation and catalog production.

No matter whether you want to create an article flyer or a complete product catalog - we combine your data with your desired design.

  • Product catalogs with your complete portfolio
  • Flyers to promote individual articles
  • Event booklets with programme overviews
  • Sub-range catalogs for special customer groups
  • Weekly changing price overviews
  • Price lists and much more...