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matiCon® - The optimal sales tool

Product configurator matiCon® | Makes sales flexible and uncomplicated.

With our matiCon® product configurator, we offer a tool to make the multitude of possible product combinations accessible online. The products are displayed visually in each configuration step, can be selected and compared and finally requested.
matiCon® is easy to maintain despite the complexity of the products behind it.

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Bringing relevant business areas together in one system enables us to master configuration challenges that others are not able to.



Product configuration

Clear user interface.

Integration of feasibility checks.

Photorealistic representation out of your CAD data.

Complex multi-variant products configured in real-time.


Price calculation

After all components are selected, the total cost is calculated (online or by the seller):
Connection to your database.

Saves time for updating new or adapted products, assortments or prices (also customer-specific).


Quotation preparation

Without time-consuming consultation rounds.

Fast tender preparation.

Reduction of ordering and processing errors.

Documents that comply with your CI guidelines.

From this context, Automatic Design has defined important key points which are taken into account during the development:

  • Clear structure for product selection
  • In B2B (e.g. technical buyers and engineers) as well as in B2C (consumer), customers often only know a fraction of the portfolio and available options.

matiCon® - The configurator from Automatic Design faces both of theses points. By facilitating the selection of components within a clearly arranged way, matiCon® provides a clear overview for the user and also helps to enter directly into the ordering process.

Within the design process, the database will be adapted to all customer requirements and CD/CI guidelines.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced barrier of the first contact with the products.
  • Simple and detailed overview of the product portfolio.
  • Individual and customized product selection.
  • Increase of the number of inquiries and thus orders.
  • Increase of internal and external product awareness.
  • Avoidance of misconfigurations and thus complaints.
  • Fast decision-making in the sales process (guided sales).
  • Complex technology with easy handling.
  • Platform independent and modern Java development.
  • Maintenance through modern content management system based on Microsoft Business Central (via cloud or ERP integration).
  • Individual and flexible designs.
  • Separate information window with technically relevant additional information.
  • Multiple selection and a clear product comparison.
  • Detailed product image through magnifying glass and lightbox function.
  • Selection aid for faster product identification.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Dynamic PDF info sheets with all selected order details.
  • Direct order inquiry via online form.

Information Brochure

In this brochure you can learn more about the features and functionalities of the matiCon® online configurator, how it can be used as an interface between customers, sales staff and production and what advantages result from this - for customers and companies.

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