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matiCon® – The product configurator as sales promotion tool

The matiCon® product configurator works like a funnel: The user is guided step by step through the configuratrion and is only offered options that are valid in the process. This guarantees error-free and precisely fitting offers, and jump rates are significantly reduced.


Guided configuration

The products are visually displayed in each configuration step, can be selected and/or compared. The structure of the order number takes place dynamically, likewise the summary of the current configuration as fade in and fade out overview.

Additional information relevant to the product (explanations, technical data, pictures, videos, PDFs, links, etc.) can be opened via a separate info window.

The future you can touch.

matiCon® – The universal online configurator for visual presentation of your product variety.

Filter, Display, Selection

The product filter allows you to limit all available products according to specific properties, with immediate display of the available resuts.

A special feature of the matiCon® configurator is its photorealistic product presentation. Every configuration option can be displayed in real time on the basis of the CAD rendering created in advance - this way the product is put together piece by piece in front of the customer's eyes.

  • The configurator promotes product awareness through its immediate visualization and intuitive operation.
  • As a modern interface it conects customer, sales and production.
  • The matiCon® product configurator functions platform-independently in the web browser and responsively adapts the layout to the end devices used.
Photorealistic CAD renderings
Photorealistic CAD renderings, design automation and millions of variants in the configurator - this is how it works: